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Our Vision is to achieve fair, accurate, and uniform ad valorem taxation through effective oversight of assessors and improved ratio studies, providing assessment guidelines and other technical assistance, commitment to improved efficiency through technology, and professional and unbiased administration of tax laws.

Our Mission is to serve Louisiana taxpayers fairly and with integrity by administering property tax laws.

Our Goals are to provide the general public with a centralized place to obtain property tax information. To provide confidence to the taxpayers in the state that their assessments are fair and equitable.

The Online Appeal Filing System is CLOSED for Tax Year 2023 (2024 Orleans Parish)
NEW POST ALERT UNDER STATEWIDE ADVISORY 2023: LTC Advisory 02-2023 re: 2024 Quadrennial Reappraisal Cycle
The 2018 Cap Rate Study has moved to Capitalization Rate Studies
LTC Advisories have moved to Statewide Advisory
2025 Rules & Regs Notice of Hearings - See Below

06/20/2023 2023 (2024 Orleans Parish) Open Book Dates File Download
04/30/2024 2025 Rules & Regs Notice of Hearing File Download
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